Diabetic Neuropathy Full Recovery

This patient in India was suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy but could not consult a Neurologist before 6 months so the patient came to India and recovered fully in just 15 days. Watch the video above to know the full story.

International Patients Share Experiences

In this video you would see the patients from several countries sharing their experiences about treatment in Indian Hospitals for all kinds of conditions. Watch the video to know what to expect when you come to India.

Amazing Recovery of Paralyzed Patient

This is the story of a Bangldeshi Patient who was shot in the neck in line of duty and got complete quadriplegia due to the injury. Watch the video to see the amazing recovery due to the treatment provided in India.


Kim Brian from California

Kim Brian from the Sacramento County of California, USA came to India to get Hip Replacement Surgery done. He travelled alone because he could not afford the expenses for an attendant. His surgery was done by Dr IPS Oberoi at Artemis Health Institute. Watch this video where Kim is sharing his experiences.

American Patient for TKR

Mr. Mark Wisman suffered an injury to his knee while driving his pickup. For years he lived in pain and finally landed in India for Total Knee Replacement Surgery to be done by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal at Medanta Medicity. He had some interesting things to say about treatment in India specially the cost of the treatment.

ACL Surgery in India

This Indian patient travelled from the state of Punjab to New Delhi to get ACL Surgery done. Here the patient is recovering on the 2nd day after the surgery and shares his experience about this remarkable recovery in such a short span of time. Post Surgery Rehab is as important as the surgery itself.


Dr Saxena for Shoulder Arthroscopy

In this video Dr Anil Saxena who underwent Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery at our hospital is sharing his experiences. As per Dr Anil he received best treatment and services at GNH Hospital.

Elbow Surgery

Mr. Suresh underwent major elbow surgery at our Hospital. Watch to video to see the patient sharing his experience with our team of doctors and services at the hospital.

Old Knee Trauma Patient

Patient was suffering with knee rigidity & pain from last many years after accident with the rod in the knee. Redo surgery was done by our team of doctors and patient recovered within 15 days.



Dr Praveen Gupta

Dr Praveen Gupta

Dr Praveen Gupta is Director of Neurology at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

Dr Sumit Singh

Dr Sumit Singh

Dr Sumit Singh is the Director of Neurology at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Dr Namit Gupta

Dr Jaspreet S Randhawa

Dr Jaspreet is a Sr. Neurosurgeon at Ivy Hospital Mohali

Dr Rashmi Mishra

Dr Rashmi Mishra

Dr Rashmi Mishra is Psychiatrist in Katihar, Bihar

Dr JD Mukherji

Dr JD Mukherji

Dr JD Mukherji is Consultant Neurology at Max Hospital, New Delhi

Dr Kapil Aggarwal

Dr Kapil Aggarwal

Dr Kapil Aggarwal is Consultant Neurologist at Gurgaon